Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

What a grand start to a new year!  Erica and I closed on our house at the end of March 2010.  The journey was exciting, emotional, suspenseful, but definitely a great learning experience.  We now have an actual home to come home to, thanks to our families and our resilient realtor Alex Phan (

It’s been about a month and a half since we’ve moved in and it’s been full throttle for about month and a half.  Definitely tired, but definitely made great progress in that time.  I think the first week we moved in we painted 6 rooms in 4 days?  lol, never again!  We’ve also added crown molding in a few rooms, installed blinds on all the windows and a put up a large gated fence on the front of the house.  Our housewarming party was just two Saturdays ago and I think people had a great time.  I ordered a keg for my first time as well!  Can't really go wrong with one of my staple beers, Droptop by Widmer.  I definitely participated in my fair share of libations.  

On top of all the "extra curricular activities" the 3 of us are happy in our new home.  Our welcome sign is always faced out so feel free to come visit.  I can always use a break from house work :D


  1. Yeah! You came up with a name! We have W'10 on tap right now! Our last keg was Drifter. Oh, how I miss Drifter. Gotta love having a kergerator!! Cute house. Where is it??

  2. Yeah it was uber nice having the keg! Do you guys just have one around just have one around? Cause that would be a great idea! haha. How long is it good for before it goes stale? The house is pretty close to the beaverton library. We love the great central location :) You, lincoln and the kids are welcome to come say hi anytime!